The Pod is Packed

We finished packing up the pod last night, and even got it mostly full. We managed to pack my entire library in it, as well as lots and lots of other stuff. It will get whisked back to the warehouse today, where it will reside for the next two weeks. I have to say this is a handy option.
So what’s left in my house is essential stuff, stuff that wasn’t completely organized or easy to pack (tools and hardware fall into that category), breakable stuff, and large furniture. I still have lots of packing to do, but at least I have some sense of completeness going on, finally. And I have the hope that we can minimize the cost of moving the rest of my stuff.
This weekend I’ll be cleaning and packing more, but I’m hoping that we’ll have time to go see The DaVinci Code. Gotta go see a movie that’s pissing off the religious right, just to balance out the karma from the gore-fest that Mel Gibson put out.

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