Two Days

Stephanie and I close on the new house in just two days–Friday afternoon. We’re so excited; it’s like Christmas.
We’ll be at the new house all weekend painting, if you’d like to help out– we could definitely use a hand, and we’ll give you some food and drink. Plus you’ll get a first look at the new place. Shoot me an e-mail and we’ll give you directions. We probably won’t finish this weekend, so we’ll be working on painting through the week and the weekend of June 3rd, too, if you have time then. Also on June 3rd the pod will be delivered to the new place and we’ll need help unpacking it.
We have at least three rooms to paint — library, living room and dining room. If we get to it, we want to paint one of the upstairs bedrooms as well, cause the grey that it is currently is just crap.

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  1. Linda P

    Just way too cool, Steph and Stephanie. Congratulations!!

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