The Schedule

Friday, May 19 – The pod gets picked up from my house.
Friday, May 26 – We close on the new house.
Saturday, May 27 through Friday, June 2 – Painting, painting painting at the new house. (help wanted)
Saturday, June 3 – Pod arrives at new house to be unpacked. (help wanted)
Wednesday, June 7 – Movers come to move my larger furniture to new house (help wanted)
Saturday, June 10 & Sunday, June 11 – Packing and moving Stephanie’s house (help wanted)
Saturday, June 17 & Sunday, June 18 – Packing and moving Stephanie’s house (help wanted)
Updates — we’ve been packing up lots of my stuff and loading it into the pod. Wednesday, Elizabeth came over and helped us, and we got a massive chunk of the library packed. Last night we finished almost all the rest of it. I estimate there are just three more boxes of books to pack. Tonight we need to loaded all the rest of the boxes into the pod so it can be picked up tomorrow morning.

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