The Apple iPhone

It’s pretty – here’s a snapshot from the Keynote Address going on right now —

Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone

You can read about the address through streaming updates at

I know I was bitching about “smart phones” being too complicated earlier this week, but this is anything but. I can seem this being my next phone/ipod definitely.

$499 for 4 gig, and Cingular is the exclusive carrier. Hmmmm. That’s pricey, but if it’s an iPod and phone. Also browser – and google maps, which means it eliminates GPS devices, too.

Available in June in the US.

2022-03-15 Update:
Oh my goodness, I blogged about the first Apple iPhone. Look how cute I was with my excitement about an iPod+phone. So adorable! 9 iPhones later… Past me, I paid $1,100 bucks for my iPhone sMax. It will blow your mind.

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  1. jim

    but i want it NOW!

  2. lisa

    ah, but *can i hook up a web cam to it??* and use it in my car?
    oh, please tell me i can…

  3. Marti Abernathey

    Not me.I got a 30G color IPOD and it was a big POS. And the latest version of itunes is horrid, so much that it’s hardly usable. I want a smart phone, but I’d much rather have a good phone and a good mp3 player. My next phone will be an MDA from Tmobile and next MP3 Player will probably bea Zen from Creative. Maybe I’m just being cranky today… but the phone won’t be available from any other carrier other than cingular for 1 year? Apple can go F themselves. Seriously. The only thing I want from Mac at this point is a Macbook Pro. Everything else is overpriced or underdeveloped POS.

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