I has an iPhone

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So in the great clean out, I put my 8 Apple “Think Different” posters up for sale on eBay, and got quite a bit out of them. I believe I paid $80 for them (I think) back in 1999. I’ll have to see if blogged about it back then. Anyways, I got $315 for them. Along with invoicing my dad for the work I did on his website before we went on the cruise, I had more than enough to purchase my new toy.
The other thing is, on my Motorola Razr phone, the screen is losing pixels in the upper left corner at a rapid rate, and it’s not really possible to see the beginning of text messages, or how many bars I’m getting. So I can rationalize that I need a new mobile phone, anyway.
The iPhone pretty damned awesome. Surprisingly very easy to set up. I find myself wishing for firefox and newsfire on it, though. I’ll have to settle for using bloglines to keep up with blogs. I haven’t used Safari for almost two years other than to test websites, so my bookmarks were scarily out of date, and I had to run through and sync them. I also don’t use iCal anymore, because google calendar is shareable with Stephanie, and so much of what we do is collaborative scheduling. But having my complete contact list on my phone is pretty awesome.

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The Apple iPhone

It’s pretty – here’s a snapshot from the Keynote Address going on right now —

Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone

You can read about the address through streaming updates at MacRumorsLive.com

I know I was bitching about “smart phones” being too complicated earlier this week, but this is anything but. I can seem this being my next phone/ipod definitely.

$499 for 4 gig, and Cingular is the exclusive carrier. Hmmmm. That’s pricey, but if it’s an iPod and phone. Also browser – and google maps, which means it eliminates GPS devices, too.

Available in June in the US.

2022-03-15 Update:
Oh my goodness, I blogged about the first Apple iPhone. Look how cute I was with my excitement about an iPod+phone. So adorable! 9 iPhones later… Past me, I paid $1,100 bucks for my iPhone sMax. It will blow your mind.
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