Weekend Update 2004-09-27

Stephanie and I did a ton of work at my house this weekend to get the place ready for the party I’m throwing this coming Saturday. Mainly we did a lot of cleaning and organizing.
The party will be a retro 80’s party… and in gathering up stuff to wear, we’ve seen tons of appropriate stuff in the stores. Target has leg warmers and fishnet stockings. Pac-Sun and Hot Topic have checkered vans, t-shirts and the big oversized belts from the 80’s. Hot Topic has buttons of 80’s bands. Izods and Polo shirts are back at Lazarus.
This is a great site for ideas about the 80’s… InThe80s.com. I pulled a lot of ideas about decor from here, and there’s lots of helpful stuff about clothes, too.
We finally got to see the finale of The Amazing Race this weekend — that made me very happy, because I had been cheering for Chip and Kim for quite awhile, mainly because they treated each other very well and worked together throughout the whole race, and they did, for the most part, play fair with everyone all the way along.

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