Weekend Update 2004-11-08

On Saturday, Stephanie and I drove to Cincinnati early in the morning for a figure skating competition that Stephanie was competing in. She won a fourth, third and first place medal in her three competitions. I got to meet several members of her former synchro skating team and other friends of hers, which was really cool. She knows some really nice people. On Saturday afternoon, we spend time recovering from the trip (she was worn out, and I’ve been fighting a cold).
On Sunday, we did some work around her house, including cleaning out her garage, hanging all her gardening tools in the garage, weeding, and replacing outdoor lights. We also checked and worked on all her storm windows. We’re pretty close to being done with seasonal work at both our houses. At hers, we need to rake and mow, and put her planting pots away. At my house I have to put away the hose, rake & mow, put stuff in the basement, and do some more insulation work.

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