Ohio Lesbian Festival Recap

Just got back from the Ohio Lesbian Festival, outside of Columbus, Ohio. The festival was Saturday, and we (Chi, Chelly, Leighe and I) drove up. There were a number of performers and booths & shopping. It was interesting, like a mini-version of National.

There was a very interesting booth there that had a ton of Xena stuff (Boooorrring. I was over that two years ago, when everyone else jumped on the bandwagon.) They also had Medieval dress, chain mail, and weaponry, including some fascinating reproductions. One caught my eye – an inexpensive reproduction of a Cossack sword. While it may not be sharp, it adds a unique touch to my collection of Medieval German swords. I bought it more as a toy than a weapon, but it’s a great addition to my eclectic assortment.

The concerts were nice. I haven’t heard much Ferron so it was interesting but not as compelling for me. I always have to hear an album two or three times before I can tell whether I like it. And I have different musical taste than 99.9999% of the people there at the festival, so… there you go.
I met Becky W’s friend Lori (Laurie? you can never tell). She was cool.

We also went to Downtown Columbus yesterday morning and looked around. The have a nice little strip of shops that is sort of like Broadripple on steroids. I was very impressed. I wish we’d spent less time in the stupid rainbow shop and more looking in other stores, but oh well. The coffee shop was cool and the bookstore ruled too. There was an interesting furniture store, but I didn’t get a chance to look in. I think I’d like to go back there and hang out and shop.

Traveling with Chelly was an enlightening experience; I certainly take accessibility for granted.

We got back pretty late, so I arrived in time to hear about Bobby Knight’s departure (good riddance! more on that later.) but not in time to finish all my laundry. D’oh! I have no idea how I’m going to fit that into my schedule this week.

I also discover that while I’d been gone, the roof was leaking onto my kitchen table, soaking, among other things, my brother’s wedding invitation. D’oh again!

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  1. Kara

    It is now April and I still remember the festval like yesterday. Andi,The Kidd(Lauren new to the les life), Natalie, and me(Kara),drove up from Cincinnati. We thought it was great. It would have been better if we would have been able to camp out. Thought it was kinda expensive for one day. But beyond that we went to the work shops and listen to the drummers. I also have to say that GODDESS(Performer) was a WOW experience. I bought her CD and open the midwest with her lyrics. And she is not bad looking either :)! The one things that did scare me the most was the number of older women with no shirts. That was very very scary.And who ever the lady was that was introducing the entertainmet she has to go!Her jokes were not funny and I was not the only one who thought that. After the fest we went down town and went out to all of the local gay bars. But I know that I can say for all of us we will be back next year!

  2. Addie

    And you thought the older women who went topless were scary why? Just remember that men can go topless everyday, just about everywhere. So some women enjoy doing it when they have the opportunity. Was it scary cause you didn’t find their bodies attractive? Just remember that before you know it, you will be older too!
    BTW, I’ve gone to almost all of the 15+ Ohio Les Fests.

  3. Steph Mineart

    Whew! I thought for a second that second comment was directed at something I wrote, and I couldn’t imagine I’d ever said something like that.

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