We’re Hiding in the House With the Lights Off

Because we ran out of candy about 10 minutes ago. Holy crap! We gave away not only all of our candy, but the candy our neighbor brought over because he had to leave. We had about 150 kids or so. And we can still hear them out there walking up and down the street. Next year — way more candy.

We didn’t expect to get many kids; we asked the neighbors and they said there are only ever a few. If this is a few, I’m worried what they think a lot would be.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Mystery House

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  1. Bil Browning

    Holy cow, I understand what you’re going through. It happened to us too! It was our first Halloween in the new house. I bought 8 bags of candy and was out in like an hour and a half… Tons of kids!

  2. Wilson46201

    I keep the front lights turned off but let my noisy pitbabies answer knocks at my sturdy glass frontdoor. I dont have to buy any candy whatsoever!

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