I voted

First time I’ve voted in the new neighborhood – at the Old Centrum church on 12th and Central. It’s a bit easier to get into and park than the firestation I used to vote at.

Jon Elrod was there, as well as one of Mahern’s nephews, handing out campaign literature. I forgot to wear my Democrats baseball cap today.

Oh, and I should report that I had not trouble voting even though I didn’t update my address on my driver’s license. The poll workers did note that it didn’t matter that my address was different — all that was needed was my picture and name.

Looks like others around the country are not having such luck, however, as compiled by Shakespeare’s Sister…

I voted
I voted

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  1. Tami

    Here in Crystal Lake Township we vote in a township hall from the late 1800’s and still use the good old, “ancient,” but reliable, voting machines. Go Democrats!!!

  2. Vanessa L Williams

    We got Ed’s brother and Jon’s mother where we voted. The machines were down, so I’m pretty sure our votes didn’t get counted.

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