Fable Walkthrough Tips

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The Bella Online walkthrough was most helpful in figuring out what I was doing wrong in the archery test. Also, see the comments for another walkthrough that I used to figure out stuff.
Also, I used the walkthrough here:
I’m currently stuck in Hobbe Cave, so I don’t know some of the rest of the stuff. I’ve also on the “good” path, so I don’t have hints on doing the evil quests.

  1. Andy

    hey i need help on finding that necklace that belongs to the chik in that one town…thx

  2. Steph Mineart

    I never got that far, actually, I’m still stuck in the cave. I know how to get out now, I just haven’t done it. But keep searching; one of the walkthroughs has the answer; I reember reading it.

  3. frank

    how do i sneak past the bandits?????????????i’m
    stuck and it’s annoyying i have to keepreloading the game…..

  4. how do i save the archiologist guy from going on a ship to prison? thanx

    to sneek pass the bandits, you must kill them all and then hide behind the nearest boulder (big rock). when the next guys come out, pull out your bow and use the zoom. wait untill the guy closest to the gate walks pass the boulder. while waiting, hold downh shoot and get heaps of power. so two guards will walk pass and then a third after a bit. you must sniper out the third. anything up to were u save the archiologist, just let me know

  5. brendan

    does anybody have a guide on how to be completly evil?
    because i m trying to go 100% evil if possible.
    if anyone has the guide please e-mail it to me at wayne_kerr5@hotmail.com

  6. shane

    easy to be 100% evil kill twin blade or whisper or just go to a town and get 1000000 doller fine killing gaurds and ppl

  7. Michael

    i am stuck at Hook Coast because i am unable to teleport through the Cullis Gate and my guild seal does not let me teleport. how do i teleport out of Hook Coast?

  8. Steph Mineart

    I wish I had a discussion forum to direct people to, where your questions about Fable might actually get answered. I don’t really have the answers here, unfortunately. I haven’t played xbox much recently.

  9. Cameron

    Hey if anbody has any questiuons i am like a fable master so just ask me send me an e mail

  10. mike

    um i got the aoen sword and kill my sister how do i continue game cuz it just ends?