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I got a free download of the Holiday Express video game (similar to a Tetris game) with my .mac account through Apple, and because I enjoyed it, I looked up the company that made it, Red Marble Games, and played a few of their other free demos. I ended up buying Digby’s Donuts, which is a lot of fun. You run a donut stand, and as the finished donuts are flipped through the air at you, you have to catch them on a tray and place them in a display case with other donuts of the same color. With out dropping them, and without shelving burned donuts. It’s hard to do.
The have a new game called Witch’s Yarn that seems really interesting. I may try the demo of it.

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  1. Melanie

    i really like the game holiday express but i cant buy it. i would really like it if i could play online. other than that its real cool.

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