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Worst. Roofers. Ever.

Our roofer was supposed to work on three projects: 1) Reshingling the roof. 2) Rebuilding the historic, built-in gutters and replacing rotted wood trim. 3) Redecking the balcony and repairing the roof under it to stop the water leaking into

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weekend updates

We spent the weekend doing lots of work on the house — unpacking things on Saturday, and with the help of our friends David and Garrett we moved quite a bit more stuff from Stephanie’s house. There are still a

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Frickin’ Poison Ivy

I’ve had a wicked case of poison ivy for the week and a half. We have a ton on it in our yard, and I’ve been spraying Round Up on it like crazy, but somehow I still managed to get

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We discovered last night that we can’t see the downtown fireworks from our backyard, but if we drive four blocks south we can see them on the other side of the overpass. We parked on 10th street, hopped into the

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weekend updates

We had our shower plumbing worked on for the third time Friday, and they finally got it right. The “on” handle was leaking to start out with, then it was fixed but hard to turn on or get good pressure.

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