Moving is Hard, Barbie

I think I’ve sorta hit the wall as far as moving and unpacking goes. My muscles are so sore that lifting boxes is infinitely harder. And there are boxes everywhere in the new house, including in front of the places we need to unpack stuff.
My latent OCD is making me freak out at all the clutter and boxes sitting around everywhere. It’s similar to having an annoying buzzing in your ears constantly; the visual noise of stuff everywhere is making me freak out. I had a stressed out meltdown last night that Stephanie is patiently trying to weather, because she’s a very good person.
We did some packing at Stephanie’s house on Tuesday with some major help from Elizabeth, and got a good portion of the kitchen packed up. But there’s still a ton to do at her house. And I still have about two truckloads at my house to bring over.

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