All Moved

Okay, so I’m all moved into the new house. Well, except for the handful of extra stuff like cleaning supplies that I need to use first then bring home. 🙂
The cat is thrilled by the new place. When I moved in the past, she hid under the bed for a day or two before coming out and exploring. This time, as soon as I let her out of the cage, she was off. She runs up the stairs. Then down. Then up. (she never had stairs before). Then back down. In the master bedroom, where there are three windows, she spent three hours just laying in the sunlight. She crawled under the clawfoot bathtub, then out, then under, then out, then under. She’s so happy. I’m so happy. I love the master bedroom. It’s so huge. I like the way I have the dining room (currently acting as the living room) arranged. There’s so much stuff I want to do. I don’t know what to start on first. Except that I have to clean the old place to get my security deposit back.
The move went well. It took 4 hours, which was really understandable considering how many books I have. Jones Movers Inc. of Indianapolis. I’d definitely recommend them. They worked hard, did a great job, and it was a very good price. I was impressed.

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moving to the pumpkin house

The big move took place last Sunday (3/18) and it all went really smoothly. My dad & step-mom, brothers Todd & Scott, sister-in-law Bethany, and sister Stacy all helped out. The one thing I forgot to do was grab my camera and take photos of the move. Everythings in place and most stuff is unpacked already, with the exception of three boxes still in the living room; mostly just office supplies. I’ve made a dozen trips to Target to get little things, and I’m mostly organized. Things that got broken: coffee pot (replaced), picture glass from a framed poster (no big deal) and the bathroom scale (yeah!).
It’s been an interesting week. I’m still not used to the new place, although everything’s more efficient, especially in the kitchen. I’m *still* thrilled to death to have a new refrigerator with a real freezer. It’s unbelievable the amount of stuff I now have frozen. My sister’s got my old computer all set up and has been getting online with it and playing Sim Tower. Cool. I’m glad I kept it.

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