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Celebrating Fitzmas

You know, Fitzmas — the holiday where DOJ Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald (pictured) indicts White House officials for outing a CIA officer in retaliation for their lies about WMD being exposed. Reuters is predicting that it will occur this week, so we should be prepared. Americablog readers give their ideas for this brand-new holiday: I’m

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Recent News Items

Or, “Things That You Overlook When You’re Appendix is Exploding” Michael Savage, darling of the right-wing, got fired for saying he hoped someone would get AIDS. Good lord, you didn’t realize the man said stuff like this all the time? Did you listen to him at all before you hired him? Bush is exposed as

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It’s Monday – Bush Still Sucks

What asshat things is the “president” doing today? No Weapons of Mass Destruction. First, review all the statements our esteemed White House made about WMD prior to the war, in order to justify it. Americans may be happy with ignoring this obvious Bush lie/war crime, but other countries are not. Not at all. And for

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