Celebrating Fitzmas

You know, Fitzmas — the holiday where DOJ Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald (pictured) indicts White House officials for outing a CIA officer in retaliation for their lies about WMD being exposed. Reuters is predicting that it will occur this week, so we should be prepared. Americablog readers give their ideas for this brand-new holiday:

  • I’m thinking of a pinata filled with little bottles of booze in honor of our president.
  • Fitzmas carolling! Get a group of friends and go from door to door reciting the constitution.
  • I’m thinking of carving some “Republicans behind bars” pumpkins. They’re already that nice orange jumpsuit color!
  • For our Jewish friends, shouldn’t we have a Fitztival of Lights?
  • I hope there is an indictment under every Fitzmas tree.
  • Fitzmas caroling in front of the White House?
  • I want some Fitzmas cookies so I can bite the head off some neocons.
  • I will do the Whoopee dance in my front yard in front of all my neocon Republican neighbors.
  • I have champagne chilling. Balloons and a dozen pink flamingos and Happy Fitzmas signs ready for the front yard.
  • As for me, I’m planning a party and am going to make Fitzmas Carols booklets from the best on the Kos diary here
  • How bout a contest for best Fitzmas Shrub?
  • How about a game of Pin the Balls on the Donkey?
  • On the frist day of Fitzmas my true love brought to me, a Chicago White Sox victory.
  • I just bought a bottle of 1989 Chateau Lynch-Bagnes, Pauillac. I was going to save it for a very special occasion. This would qualify perfectly. And what is really the topper is that the wine is . . . French.
2022-03-15 Update:
I really got down in the weeds for some of these blog posts, didn’t I? Oh well. I do the same on Facebook today. It’s really too bad Fitzmas never caught on. Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald would have a ball.

Context: As special counsel for the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Special Counsel, Fitzgerald was the federal prosecutor in charge of the investigation of the Valerie Plame Affair, which led to the prosecution and conviction in 2007 of Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff Scooter Libby for perjury and obstruction of justice.

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Recent News Items

Or, “Things That You Overlook When You’re Appendix is Exploding”

  • Michael Savage, darling of the right-wing, got fired for saying he hoped someone would get AIDS. Good lord, you didn’t realize the man said stuff like this all the time? Did you listen to him at all before you hired him?
  • Bush is exposed as overstating (non-existent) links between Al-Qaeda and Saddam.
  • Bush’s lies about weapons of mass destruction are being exposed. And it’s about way more than those 16 little words in his State of the Union, kids. You can say “case closed” all you want to, Georgie, but that ain’t gonna make it so.
  • Other countries are responding to Bush’s appeal for military help in Iraq by pointing out their hands are tied by Bush’s diplomatic failure: “‘[link deprecated:http://famulus.msnbc.com/FamulusIntl/reuters07-14-021232.asp?reg=ASIA”>Were there to be an explicit U.N. mandate for the purpose, the government of India could consider the deployment of our troops in Iraq,]” foreign minister Yashwant Sinha told reporters after a two-hour meeting of the cabinet’s security committee.” Or to put it more succinctly: “We’d love to help, but we can’t without a U.N. mandate, and oh, yes, you fail to wait for one. Sorry.”
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It’s Monday – Bush Still Sucks

What asshat things is the “president” doing today?

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