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links for 2007-01-31

Hearts, Mending Broken Hearts – National Geographic Magazine As heart disease reaches epidemic proportions worldwide, researchers are moving away from the old “clogged-pipes” model to search for triggers lurking in our genes. (tags: health heart) American RadioWorks – Reports from a Warming Planet Photos and reports from eight places around the world illustrate the global

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Veronica Mars & Fall TV Schedule 2006

“Here it is… first day of college. What do you say Veronica? New school, fresh start, how about you try not to piss anyone off this time around.” Heh. Barely made it home to watch the season premiere after water aerobics last night — which I must repeat, I am really enjoying. We managed to

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Veronica Mars on delay until March

According to, UPN is delaying airing new episodes of Veronica Mars until March due to poor ratings. Huh. This is the best show on TV, people. It airs Wednesday nights opposite Lost. I expect each and every one of you to start watching, pronto.

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