Fall Television Viewing Season

Every year I sit down with my Entertainment Weekly and put together the list of fall TV shows that I think might be interesting viewing. I try to watch the first few episodes of each of them, and some inevitably fall off the viewing chart, never to be heard from again, when I pare my list down to a more reasonable schedule. For the last several years I’ve put my chart of potential shows online, and here is this year’s list.

There are 30 shows on my schedule, for a whopping 26 hours of viewing a week. (Yeah, that’s not gonna work. I have to actually do laundry and sleep sometime.) 10 of these are brand new shows, and that’s probably where most the dropping out will occur, unless one of my returning favorites goes way south. This year there are an unprecedented 6 sitcoms on the list, which hasn’t been the case in several years now. But there are several funny, interesting sitcoms on the air now, which proves the genre isn’t dead after all. There is a single reality show — The Amazing Race. After this summer’s horrible Big Brother All Stars, I can’t imagine adding another reality show to my viewing.

Time Show Network Premiere Date
7:00 Everybody Hates Chris CW 10/1
8:00 The Amazing Race CBS 9/17
9:00 Desperate Housewives ABC 9/24
9:00 Cold Case CBS 9/24
10:00 Brothers and Sisters ABC 9/24
8:00 The Class CBS


8:30 How I Met Your Mother CBS 9/18
9:00 Heroes NBC 9/25
9:00 Runaway CW 9/25
10:00 Studio 60 NBC 9/18
8:00 Gilmore Girls CW 9/26
8:00 Friday Night Lights NBC 10/3
9:00 Veronica Mars CW 10/3
9:00 House FOX 9/5
8:00 Bones FOX 9/6
8:30 30 Rock NBC 10/11
8:00 Jericho CBS 9/20
9:00 Lost ABC 10/4
10:00 The Nine ABC 10/4
8:00 My Name is Earl NBC 9/21
8:30 The Office NBC 9/21
8:00 Ugly Betty ABC 9/28
9:00 Grey’s Anatomy ABC 9/21
10:00 Six Degrees ABC 9/21
8:00 Degrassi: TNG the N 9/29
8:00 Ghost Whisperer CBS 9/22
9:00 Battlestar Galactica Sci-Fi 10/6
9:00 Close to Home CBS 9/22
9:00 Men in Trees ABC 9/15
10:00 Numb3rs CBS 9/22

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