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Adding the Twitter RSS feeds of my friends and family members to my feed reader, so I can catch up with them later if I miss something.

I’m really excited that my sister Stacy is now on Twitter – just hearing little updates from England at about a 7 hour time shift is really entertaining, and especially just hearing the little things she does around the house. I know it’s minutiae to anyone else, but I like having a little window into her day, because I don’t get to call or write her enough, and sometimes a sentence or two is the most valuable thing.

My girlfriend Stephanie is on Twitter, too, so now I also know what’s going on in the kitchen when I’m in the library. Although twittering from your laptop just to hear the Twitterific tweeting from mine is a bit over the top, honey.

My friend Dan just got on twitter, too, which I is how I found out he just got a new laptop. That’s cool; even though he lives a couple blocks away, I haven’t talked to him nearly enough lately. Dan, you need to add Stephanie and Matt to your friends list.

My friend Matt has been on Twitter for a while, but he just started updating recently.

My friend Jonathan has been on for awhile, too – now that more of our friends are on, maybe he’ll post more regularly.

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Holiday recap

Between the weekend before Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, my girlfriend Stephanie and I:

1) decorated my house and put up my tree, then did the same at Stephanie’s house.

2) Attended Six family Christmases involving 3 road trips (my Grandma’s in Iowa, my mom, my dad, Stephanie’s mom, Stephanie’s Dad and Stephanie’s friend Michelle’s family Christmas)

3) introduced Stephanie to all of my family, and Stephanie introduced me to all of her family (which involved drawing up family trees to keep track of everyone)

4) Attended twelve parties between the two of us (Dan & Doug’s tree decorating party, Mittie’s birthday, Jane Rae’s birthday, Elizabeth’s birthday, Rachel’s baby shower, Jen’s Christmas party, Stephanie’s work Christmas party, John’s skating party, my thanksgiving at work, Stephanie’s thanksgiving at work, my Christmas gift exchange at work, Dan and Doug’s New Year’s Eve Party)

5) Threw a Christmas party, where we watched Christmas specials and drank egg nog and ate cookies

6) Had Christmas dinner with Stephanie’s friend Erin

7) Had my grandparents, aunt and uncle, and Dad and step mom visit to see my house

8) Missed two Christmas parties (Jennifer’s Christmas party and Michelle’s Christmas party)

9) shopped and wrapped gifts for everyone, baked holiday cookies, and sent out around 90 holiday cards

10) Attended Elizabeth’s mom’s funeral visitation

11) had two photo shoots for the Nuvo article

12) Had my furnace break down and repaired, and Stephanie’s roof repaired and front door repaired

13) Had Stephanie’s car broken into and the window repaired, had my gas tank tampered with, had one flat tire on Stephanie’s car, had the CV joint replaced on her car.

14) Loaned Stephanie’s car to her friend Jan

15) Went to Stephanie’s State Skating Competition

16) Were snowed in with a foot of snow, then had sub-zero temperatures

It’s been a hectic holiday season, to say the least. Although it was fun for the most part, I’m very glad it’s over.

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