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Adding the Twitter RSS feeds of my friends and family members to my feed reader, so I can catch up with them later if I miss something.

I’m really excited that my sister Stacy is now on Twitter – just hearing little updates from England at about a 7 hour time shift is really entertaining, and especially just hearing the little things she does around the house. I know it’s minutiae to anyone else, but I like having a little window into her day, because I don’t get to call or write her enough, and sometimes a sentence or two is the most valuable thing.

My girlfriend Stephanie is on Twitter, too, so now I also know what’s going on in the kitchen when I’m in the library. Although twittering from your laptop just to hear the Twitterific tweeting from mine is a bit over the top, honey.

My friend Dan just got on twitter, too, which I is how I found out he just got a new laptop. That’s cool; even though he lives a couple blocks away, I haven’t talked to him nearly enough lately. Dan, you need to add Stephanie and Matt to your friends list.

My friend Matt has been on Twitter for a while, but he just started updating recently.

My friend Jonathan has been on for awhile, too – now that more of our friends are on, maybe he’ll post more regularly.

Twitter Bird

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  1. Jonathan

    I would post more often, but can’t get my phone or IM to work….such a loser. Little help maybe? 🙂

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