Apps I may need someday

Business Model Toolbox

The Business Model Toolbox combines the speed of a napkin sketch with the smarts of a spreadsheet. It enables you to map, test, and iterate your business ideas – fast.

With the Business Model Toolbox you will be able to:

  • – Sketch your business model using the practical methodology from the best-selling book, Business Model Generation.
  • – Add ballpark figures for market size, revenue streams, and costs – faster than any spreadsheet.
  • – Test the profitability of your ideas with a quick report and breakdowns by offer, customer segments, and costs.

Why I need may this: I can see this being useful for getting my writing distributed when I get my novel finished. I have a kind of elaborate plan for this including a marketing website that I need to build, with downloadable ebooks that I sell myself from the site as well as purchasing from amazon and barnes and noble.

A personal database app – ReadWrite reviews 4 of them for the iPad.

Why I need may this: I keep running into a frustration with tracking things accurately – I’ve been wanting a way to track my word counts in writing, but also some other things based on date that simply entering things in a calendar doesn’t help with. A calendar lets me enter information, but doesn’t sum it up for me in a query – “How many times this year have I put flea medication on the dog?” is one of those queries I’d like to have. (also, “how many times have I cleaned out the fish tank?” and “how many times have I visited the library?” “How many times over the last 5 years have I gotten an oil change” are other examples.) I’m wishing there were a journaling/calendar app that would do these things, but I haven’t found one, and think I may need to just build a database that does something like this, although the very idea makes me really weary, frankly.

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links for 2010-03-02

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Flickr fussiness

Flickr has been really fussy lately about uploading photos, which is ticking me off quite a bit. I’ve been trying to upload batches of photos, but it won’t take large uploads. So I’ve been reduced to sending them one at a time, and even then it doesn’t always capture the whole image. Grrrr.

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A Johari Window of my very own..

Hat tip to Dustbury, who posted about this….
A Johari Window is where you get to talk about how great I am. Yeah, that’s it. Heh. Actually, you can read the real definition here at Wikipedia It’s a personality tool, and there’s an online version, that you can help me with, if you want.
Anyway, here’s mine… it would be super-cool if you entered five or six attributes you think describe me. Then you can view the results, if you like.
If, you’d rather, here’s the flip side — the Nohari window, where you get to point out my flaws. Yeah, I knew that would be more fun for you. Here’s what you don’t like about me.

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