Continental Airlines seat assignment problem

So we booked our flights to England back on April 3rd, and at that time requested seats all in the same row – three people traveling together, seats in the same place – makes sense right?

In double-checking our flying information today, we discovered they had moved our seats and placed my mom about 10 rows behind us on one of the flights, and several rows away on 2 others. I called Orbitz customer service (where we had purchased our tickets) and after an hour an a half on the phone discovered that the only way we can get in the same row is if we have medical identification saying that we must all be in the same row together for medical reasons.You can also learn about contact center as a service here as they help you in getting services.

You have got to be kidding me. Really? Seriously? Three people traveling together can’t sit together unless they have a medical need? What bullshit is that?

When did poor customer service become a matter of course for airlines? I can’t think of any flight I’ve been on in the last 10 years that hasn’t had some problem with it. I would gladly pay for an airline that gets it right if anyone can point one out to me. It’s not surprising to me that people purchase private jets when they can afford them, because what person in their right mind would put up with this kind of bullshit if they didn’t have to?

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The Post Office Sucks

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I filled out my change of address form last week online at the United States Postal Service website. I set up the date to begin forwarding as Monday of this week. The problem with that is this — nowhere on the online form does it state that that is the day they start PROCESSING your change of address, which will take up to two weeks to get in place.

In other words, that’s not the day your mail starts getting delivered to your new house. That’s they date they start telling the mail carrier that you’re moving, and the day they order the yellow labels that will eventually go on your mail. It can take several days (or weeks) for those yellow labels to get printed and sent to your local post office so your mail carrier can start pasting them on your mail. So while that happens, the carrier continues to deliver mail to your old address, where it sits in your mail box unattended until the carrier picks it back up, takes it back to the post office, and pastes the labels on, then re-delivers it to your new address.

How fucked up is that?

The downtown post office got shitty with me when I called to complain, and said that there was no way for them to know that my address was changing. Despite the fact that they delivered to both my old address and my new address the “we’ve changed your address” piece of notification mail on Monday.

On top of that, I have a weekly magazine that is — to me — the most important piece of mail I get. It didn’t show up at either address this week.

I hate the fucking post office.

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