The Post Office Sucks

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I filled out my change of address form last week online at the United States Postal Service website. I set up the date to begin forwarding as Monday of this week. The problem with that is this — nowhere on the online form does it state that that is the day they start PROCESSING your change of address, which will take up to two weeks to get in place.

In other words, that’s not the day your mail starts getting delivered to your new house. That’s they date they start telling the mail carrier that you’re moving, and the day they order the yellow labels that will eventually go on your mail. It can take several days (or weeks) for those yellow labels to get printed and sent to your local post office so your mail carrier can start pasting them on your mail. So while that happens, the carrier continues to deliver mail to your old address, where it sits in your mail box unattended until the carrier picks it back up, takes it back to the post office, and pastes the labels on, then re-delivers it to your new address.

How fucked up is that?

The downtown post office got shitty with me when I called to complain, and said that there was no way for them to know that my address was changing. Despite the fact that they delivered to both my old address and my new address the “we’ve changed your address” piece of notification mail on Monday.

On top of that, I have a weekly magazine that is — to me — the most important piece of mail I get. It didn’t show up at either address this week.

I hate the fucking post office.

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  1. Bil Browning

    I know this from personal experience… Magazines do not get forwarded along with other mail. Anything that’s not first class postage doesn’t get forwarded – it gets sent back. You actually have to call the magazine’s offices and let them know your new address so they can send it to the right address.

  2. Steph Mineart

    I actually did change the delivery address with the magazine itself last week, but last weeks issue had already been sent.

    According to the Post Office website, subscription magazines do get forwarded, but catalogs don’t.

    Either way, the magazine should have been delivered to my old address, if, as they claim, the change of address hasn’t been processed yet and none of my mail is being forwarded on.

  3. Steph Mineart

    The other thing i want to know is how to get my magazines sent as first class mail. My bills I don’t care about — I check the balances and pay online, so I never need the paper copies, anyway.
    But the magazine I can’t live without and want delivered above all other pieces of mail.

  4. Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-pitt

    You’re really jonesing for those Brangelina baby pix in People Magazine, aren’t ya? 😉

  5. Steph Mineart

    Entertainment Weekly won’t have the brangelina baby pix. At least I hope not. It’s not a celebrity mag; it’s primarily reviews of all different forms of media. It’s got some of the best book reviews I’ve ever read, actually, as well as TV and movie reviews. It’s not People or US magazine crap; it’s more serious than that.

  6. Ron Lee

    I must tell you that the US Post Office is a dead service. They raise the cost of stamps almost yearly but can’t get the service right. I work for a company that has many offices in a different state than the main office. I happen to be in Kansas. The main office sends the pay checks through the US Mail. Our problem is that most times due to the way the Post Office operates, our check are as much as a week late! I wouldn’t think too much about this but some of our other offices are in states that are much farther away from the main office. We are in a “Black Hole” when it comes to mail. You can’t get it and you can’t send it and get it there in a few days, its always weeks. Years ago some smart ass at the Postal service said “This E-mail thing will never last, it won’t hurt us” UUUhhh where is this dumbass now? Still working for the US Post Office. They of course pay no taxes, they are not required by law to tag their vehicles, they are not to be stopped by law inforcement and they can park where they want. They don’t even try to get it right. Don’t try to complain because you get a run around each time. They really don’t care. I suggest not using the Post Office and using either Fed-X or UPS to send ALL mail that has to be there. The government needs to give up the post office and allow private carriers to take over. Turn all these out dated post office buildings into a USEFUL building for the people. YEAH the Post Office really sucks.

  7. Mark

    I couldn’t agree with you folks more. I have a package that is now in its third week of transit. I called the customer service number if you want to call them that and had one of the rudest agents ever. She asked if I had a tracking number and what it was. I gave her the number and said it was no use it just gave information on when the item was accepted. She then snapped, “Well were not required to update it.” (Then why give a tracking number!) Then I pretty much lost it and said, “Then why did you ask for it you dumb bitch?” She then told me to watch my mouth. Hehe I imformed her the day she paid my bill was the day I would take orders from her. In the end she told me to call back on the 14th business day if it hadn’t arrived. Like that was going to do something. This agency needs to wake up. You can now pay all your bills on line and when sending a package get much better service from UPS or FedEx not to mention professional folks. What a day it will be when this agency is no longer around and the clowns that work for them. Thanks for letting me ramble.

  8. Charles

    Well, at least it eventually gets there. My mail carrier tells my post office I don’t live there if I forget to check my mail after a few days and I lose all my bills. I just opened up a bank account so my checks are supposed to get mailed to me along with my debit card, but I guess what I get a call from the bank telling me that it got returned. This is the third time this happened to me. I told my carrier about it once before and she literally started screaming at me at how her job is so difficult because having to work in the cold. She gave me a number to call. I called it so I got the thing fixed, after an hour, then they tried to lecture me saying I must have been rude to the carrier for her to flip out at me.

  9. kman

    try working there, you have absolutely, NO idea. Government jobs are typical shit jobs. Sure the pay is good, but after a while you begin to contemplate suicide due to the stupidity of the ones higher up. Especially the full time supervisors and mail clerks, where all they do is bitch and whine about eachother, then act like buddies when they’re next to eachother, usually to piss someone else off. It’s a circle of screwing eachother over and hating everyone, to try and show that they’re doing a better job than someone else, which eventually is a form of kissing someone’s ass, to get something, that i can’t figure out, because probably nothing exists, it may just cut out the bordom of actually working, thats my thought of it. You’ll find me in the bathroom hiding during overtime, because i just want to hit some people.

  10. bbb

    You should look into the fact that the whole system is a mess and treat workers badly in a lot of offices.

  11. Java Joe

    Don’t bother to sent stuff certified and then try to find that your recepient signed for the package on the internet.
    The PO needs to be disbanded and the mail service given to UPS, FEDEX or some private carrier

  12. Elliott

    YES!, USPS is sucks!
    I got a notice for my express mail and I was trying to pick up the next day. Before that, I tried to call and to hold my mail there. After I found the correct number from stupid (800) answer machine, I called. NOBODY PICKS UP THE PHONE! So I rushed to post office station and tried to pick up before 10:00AM (that’s what they said on the notice). When I got there, they said it’s delivery again. I can’t believe what I hear!!! The reason why that I have to get this express package would just because I have to work in the afternoon and no one will be home. Then, I think I need to talk to customer service. Guess what I got? 1st guy said he will try to contact with postman and have my package deliver first, he said he will call me back in 10 mins. After one hour later, I still haven’t hear anything from him. So I make the second call, a woman put me in hold for 10 mins, and I try again, another woman pick up the phone and said she just new there, she CANNOT help me with this. Guess what? I made 4th call, this woman said : “either it will deliver later today, or you can pick up at your local post office next day, and about the things happened to you? I DON’T CARE!!” Yes, she said that…”I DON’T CARE!!”. Could anybody tell me is that a REAL service?

  13. Small business owner

    I Googled “the post office sucks” and found my way here. At the very moment I am typing this my haggard employee, made that way by the USPS, is trying to get somewhere…
    …see, we’re a small business and are TRAPPED by the USPS, trapped into shipping “Priority Mail” boxes overseas due to cost. Sadly, there is a TOTAL LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY at USPS, no way to track, they don’t scan these things at the point of origin or any other point.
    So our customers, the poor souls that we rely on for our living, frequently do ot get the parcels. We stand behind our business and GUARANTEE DELIVERY…and are getting eaten alive by the pathetic USPS. Really, and on a number of fronts:
    1) We absorb the cost of shipping, AGAIN, lost orders, in addition to the cost of the item(s) themselves.
    2) We lose goodwill, and customers. The failure of the USPS is seen as OUR failure by our customers.
    3) Time and aggravation, trying to deal with the employees of USPS — a group that is best described as FLUNKIES — BUCK PASSERS — people parking hide until they can collect fat pensions.
    Another poster mentioned the ATTITUDE of USPS personnel. It is the worst, and I mean the worst. At least the worst since the FALL OF THE BERLIN WALL. See, you’d need to channel a low level East German Communist official, say, the guy in charge of shoe distribution to barefoot children — to find any person or persons that truly know they don’t have to lift a finger for you and never will. Perhaps even delight in the new American dish of schadenfreude, enjoying the suffering of others, along with their lunch break and job security.
    Well, I’m done typing and my lady is not done trying to get somewhere…

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