A Johari Window of my very own..

Hat tip to Dustbury, who posted about this….
A Johari Window is where you get to talk about how great I am. Yeah, that’s it. Heh. Actually, you can read the real definition here at Wikipedia It’s a personality tool, and there’s an online version, that you can help me with, if you want.
Anyway, here’s mine… it would be super-cool if you entered five or six attributes you think describe me. Then you can view the results, if you like.
If, you’d rather, here’s the flip side — the Nohari window, where you get to point out my flaws. Yeah, I knew that would be more fun for you. Here’s what you don’t like about me.

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Stephanie has a blog

Last night we set up a blog for Stephanie. I’ll let her tell you where it is in the comments for this post, in case she wants to keep it secret or something.
We also set up a News feed reader for her, to make it easier to keep track of her favorite blogs, and we set up google ads for her, too. She’s also been working on getting her CDs ripped to mp3, and we found a site that lets you transfer files so she can get all her favorite mp3s from her old computer to her laptop.
This morning, I updated my post “All the blogs I read” an added a link to it into the right column of my site, so it’s easily accessible and Stephanie can pick and chose from some of my favorites to add to her feed reader.

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