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It’s Caturday!

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Attention Plz!
Attention Plz!

And I R posting some of my favoritest LOLcat pictures for your entertainment, because I R not allowed to do anything and I R bored. These probably won’t stay on my site long. So enjoy them now.

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Welcome To Cat Town

El GuapoDeedle doot doo dee dee, Let’s all go to Cat Town, Deedle doot doo dee dee, It’s time to go to Cat Town, and see everything that’s going down in… Cat Town!
El Guapo!
Hooray for El Guapo, he is the hero of Cat Town and he always saves the day. Meanwhile, at the cat food factory…
Q. who came up with Cat Town?
A. some guy who likes cats and towns
Q. what is it about?
A. it is about a town where everybody is a cat, haven’t you been paying attention?

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