Want a cat? Seriously, it’s cute.

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Shithead is a stray kitten that showed up on my girlfriend’s porch last night.

Shithead the cat
Shithead goes to the Humane Society

He’s currently residing in my bathroom until I can take him (her?) to a shelter. Want a kitten? We’re only calling it shithead because it’s a bit inconvenient right now for us to deal with it. But it’s a very cute, rambunctious cat.

This makes the second kitten that has shown up on Stephanie’s doorstep.

UPDATE: After calling the no-kill shelters and determining they were all full of kittens (I know the feeling; I’m full of them myself) I took cute little Shithead to the Humane Society of Indianapolis. They were kind enough to take him.

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So, Kathy has four kittens that were abandoned by someone near her house. There’s no mommy, but they are old enough to be on their own — about six weeks old. There’s a calico girl, a tortoise-shell colored girl, an orange boy, and an orange and white boy. They are as cute as a button. I went to her house last night to see them. I forgot to take my camera, or you’d be able to see them too. I’m going to adopt the two girls, unless someone else really wants to adopt one of the girls, in which case I’ll probably get a girl and a boy.
UPDATE: I adopted a boy and girl, and mom took the calico kitty.
Baby Huck
Baby Annabelle

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