Want a cat? Seriously, it’s cute.

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Shithead is a stray kitten that showed up on my girlfriend’s porch last night.

Shithead the cat
Shithead goes to the Humane Society

He’s currently residing in my bathroom until I can take him (her?) to a shelter. Want a kitten? We’re only calling it shithead because it’s a bit inconvenient right now for us to deal with it. But it’s a very cute, rambunctious cat.

This makes the second kitten that has shown up on Stephanie’s doorstep.

UPDATE: After calling the no-kill shelters and determining they were all full of kittens (I know the feeling; I’m full of them myself) I took cute little Shithead to the Humane Society of Indianapolis. They were kind enough to take him.

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  1. stacy

    I want a kitten called Shithead! Can he come by airmail? for Xmas???

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