IQ tests

Take your own IQ Test Keep in mind that this is an online test and not a professional administered test, which would probably be more accurate and maybe even give you a better score [grin].

Intelligence Quotient

Read more About IQ results and what they really mean.

UPDATE: Since someone pointed it out to me, that their disclaimer seems to suggest that their score is on comparison to other tests taken by online people and isn’t necessarily accurate. Do a google search and you can probably find better tests. I have taken “real” ones in college, administered and scored by psychologists as part of one of my psych classes. My averages were a higher than this test, but might have been skewed by one test that I scored a 168 on. Dunno if that was an anomaly, or if I just had too much caffeine that day, or what. I’m also good at taking tests; some really brilliant people aren’t. Either way, your mileage may vary, these things really don’t mean diddly-squat, etc. Etc.
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