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Senate Blocks Bush Move to Ban Same-Sex Marriage. For Now.

Yep, the senate voted not to pass the amendment denying marriage rights to gay people today. However, they basically knew it would fail this year. The key was to get people on record voting against the amendment, so they can use it as a tool to bash Senators in the upcoming election. Then if they

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Bush Renews Call to Ban Gay Marriage

I want this man out of my White House. At the very least, the man needs to go back to high school and take a damned civics course, so he can remember how the government, especially the judiciary, is supposed to work. From the Indianapolis Star: TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — President Bush on Monday renewed

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Federal Marriage Discrimination Constitutional Amendment

First of all, I don’t believe such a thing will actually pass and become law in the United States. The amount of work it takes to pass an amendment is phenomenal, and I really believe the anti-gay hate-mongers like George Bush just don’t have the numbers. But if, on the off-chance it did pass, I

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