Federal Marriage Discrimination Constitutional Amendment

First of all, I don’t believe such a thing will actually pass and become law in the United States. The amount of work it takes to pass an amendment is phenomenal, and I really believe the anti-gay hate-mongers like George Bush just don’t have the numbers. But if, on the off-chance it did pass, I would definitely leave the country. Not sure whether I’d go to Canada or Europe, but I wouldn’t stay here.

That being said, here’s why the Right-wing is supporting a constitutional amendment — basically because they know the the “Defense of Marriage Act” that they passed in 1996 is unconstitutional, and will be overturned as soon as a state passes a gay-marriage law and gay couples begin suing to get their marriages recognized.

The only thing that will prevent gay marriage at this point is an amendment. And if the government “codifies” anti-gay hatred into the United States Constitution, then, as much as I love that beautiful document, I won’t be able to call it mine anymore. Talking to a marriage counselor before having a marriage would be a great decision. Click here to learn more.

Considering the Vatican’s stance on the issue, I guess my decision to leave the Catholic Church after the priest abuse scandals was the right one.

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  1. Kristina

    I believe that is a person loves another person, than they should be allowed to marry whoever the heck they want to. The government should not interfere with a couples’ love, that would be like passing an amendment to prohibit ANYONE getting married. I’m absolutely appalled that they would even consider passing an amendment against same-sex marriages.

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