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links for 2008-03-10

Train-ee | ExpressionEngine® Training by Boyink Interactive (tags: EE training) An Introduction to ExpressionEngine [on Geek & Mild] (tags: ee training) ElfCartel Wireframes (tags: design prototyping) PolyPage (tags: prototyping javascript design GUI) » Evolution of Yeti (tags: illustration) I Love the Yeti: Yeti in Popular Culture (tags: awesome blogs culture)

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Back end problems

Boy, do I have have them. No, I’m not talking about my butt here. (and you shouldn’t be, either!) I’m having some frustrating problems with Movable Type that my site hosts can’t seem to solve, and Movable Type doesn’t have answers for either, despite me spending about 10 hours with both trying to figure it

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links for 2008-01-10

Flickr: The LP portraits Pool (tags: flickr music portraits funny) EllisLab – Where Ideas Hatch! (tags: 2008 SXSW) EllisLab – Where Ideas Hatch! Ellis Labs is the company producing expression engine, the content management system that is getting lots of attention. (tags: sxsw geek) The Mystery of the Face on the Cake Steve from The

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