Back end problems

Boy, do I have have them. No, I’m not talking about my butt here. (and you shouldn’t be, either!) I’m having some frustrating problems with Movable Type that my site hosts can’t seem to solve, and Movable Type doesn’t have answers for either, despite me spending about 10 hours with both trying to figure it out.

That’s contributing quite a bit to my lack of blogging, as everything seems to post not at all or twice, and I get too pissed off to do that all the time.

But I have what I think are some viable options for creating podcasts, finally, so I want to get these things resolved so I can update my templates to allow for podcast syndication. I’m hoping an upgrade to MT 4.1 will finally fix the errors. If not, I need to get serious about moving to Expression Engine, and giving my site a refreshed design.

I’ve been playing with Expression Engine quite a bit on my secret blog site (once, I had a secret blog, that lived within the heart of me… all too soon my secret blog became impatient to be free…. So I told a friendly star, The way that dreamers often do… now I shout it from the highest hill… I even told the golden daffodils. At last my heart’s an open door, And my secret blog’s no secret anymore…)

Except from you guys, of course. Hee.

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  1. Jerame

    4.1 is the first worthwhile version of MT 4. Althout we haven’t upgraded on our production site, my testing shows that TONS of our bugs have been wiped out with the 4.1 release. I’d highly suggest the upgrade. We had the exact same problem with earlier versions of MT 4. Imagine having nearly 50 contributors and having their stuff post 4 or 5 times or not at all. At least you’re only getting 2.
    We had the same problem with comments for a while too. 4.01 fixed some of the problems, but we have only 1 outstanding bug in 4.1.

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