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links for 2011-08-24

Noah Stokes – Front End Developer and Other Crap That is a funny page. And this page aside, his site designs are really nice. (tags: funny webdev humor) – Rain Barrels, Downspout Diverters and Filters, Rain Barrel Kits – Aquabarrel(R) (tags: green sustainability home rainbarrels)

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An Inconvenient Truth

We went to see “An Inconvenient Truth” over the weekend. You really want to see this movie. You may not know that you want to, but you do. You may be on the fence about the issue, or afraid that it’s boring, or unconcerned. You may think you disagree with the movie. Trust me. You

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Recycling — our favorite place now takes plastics

Indianapolis Recycled Fiber 1775 S. West St. — just off of I-70 in the industrial hub just southwest of the RCA Dome. We’ve gone there for some time because they take all types of paper and cardboard products, including office paper, paper board, corrugated cardboard, newspaper, phone books, etc. But recently, they added bins for

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