Recycling — our favorite place now takes plastics

Indianapolis Recycled Fiber
1775 S. West St. — just off of I-70 in the industrial hub just southwest of the RCA Dome.
We’ve gone there for some time because they take all types of paper and cardboard products, including office paper, paper board, corrugated cardboard, newspaper, phone books, etc.
But recently, they added bins for Plastics 1, Plastics 2, and Plastics 3-7, which makes them the most comprehensive recycling place we’ve found.We must understand that it  is not a knockout post anymore. Because most plastic containers have a mark on the bottom to indicated which type they are. Styrofoam containers are plastic 6, and can be recycled here, as well as plastic bags from grocery and discount stores. Sweet. See what all the different categories mean at this site.
We still have to make a run by O’Malias downtown to drop off glass and food cans, and we sell our aluminum cans for scrap.
We basically have five plastic bins to sort plastics, glass and cans, and we have a big trash tub that holds the paper and cardboard stuff.
You can read more about Indianapolis recycling options here. It’s a great resource that tells you where to get rid of old computers, cell phones, anything and everything you might not want to put in a landfill.

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  1. Vanessa

    We take all our paper/cardboard/newspaper/junk mail and plastics to IRF. We’re down to one bag of trash each week. If I composted, I could probably do better than that.
    We’re working on bringing in less stuff to begin with. For example, we’ve opted out of prescreened credit card offers and direct mail. I’m buying less stuff online so I don’t have so much packaging.
    Where are you selling your cans? I’ve thought about selling metal, but I leave it out for the junkers instead.

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