“I’m the prettiest cat in the house.”
I'm so pretty.
“I’m the prettiest cat in the house.”
My blog.
“My blog.”
I see you looking at my blog.
“I see you looking at my blog.”
“Paparazzi. Back off.”
Caturday? Noes!
“Caturday? Noes!”
Pile o' Monkey
“When is Monkey Day?” (Silly kids. Every day is monkey day.)

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  1. Pam Faulkner

    Hey Steph, found your blog awhile back looking for BIG THINGs in Indy, and have read since. I noticed the Curious Georges and wanted to tell you though I do not “know you” I actually thought of you at Target a few days ago. They have a line of Tiki type things for summer, (dishes, plates etc) and some of the stuff are monkeys. Just thought I would pass along the tidbit.

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