Weekend Update 2004-03-29

So I spent the whole weekend moving at a leisurely pace, which was very refreshing after months of whirlwind activity.
Friday night was Girl’s Game Night at Vic’s/Outword Bound, which is always very fun. I bought The Truth About Jane and Tipping the Velvet on DVD from Outword Bound, which now has an online store, by the way. Check it out and buy something. We played Apples to Apples and Catchphrase, which are fun standards. I brought one of my games, Teams of Enemies, but we had too many people to play it. Next month’s Very Special Girls Game Night will be held at my house for change of scenery.

Saturday Mom came down and saw the living room and the house, and we went out to lunch and shopping. There was a yarn shop in Fountain Square that she wanted to see, and we went to Silver in the City and Three Dog Bakery, too. Later I sat around and read a book. I started the book club selection for my Women’s Book Club for May — In the Bleak Midwinter. I’m way ahead, having read the April selection, Fingersmith a while back. And of course, I already finished The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time last week for my *other* book club, The Book Club At Work, as I’m calling it. I’m so on the ball when it comes to reading. I watched What a Girl Wants with Amanda Bynes on Showtime. That was a strange, goofy little movie. Amanda Bynes is really cute, however, which is why I watched the whole thing.
I also watched the first episode of Deadwood on Saturday night. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but it’s interesting. I liked Calamity Jane a lot.
On Sunday, me and Spike worked in the garden and redug a whole flower bed in the front of the house to transplant my lavender that was overgrowing all the other plants in the front. I bought fill dirt and mulch, and got the bed done. It looks good. I discovered why my hummingbird feeder wasn’t getting any birds last year. The jug of hummingbird food I bought last year, which I thought was pre-mixed, really wasn’t. I was supposed to add sugar. You know, the part that actually attracts the birds. D’oh!
Sunday night I watched the second episode of Deadwood, and I missed the Sopranos but I have it DVR’ed. I was trying to record the L-Word, but the DVR keep screwing up. So I’ll have to record tonight’s repeat.

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