Texarkana, Texas

The eastern caravan stayed the night in Texarkana, Texas last night. Their destination today is Sweetwater, Texas, a town that really has a ball when the caravan comes through. Yesterday, they stopped in Memphis, Tennessee to see the pyramid, and stopped a couple of times to deal with a running board problem that Stephanie was having.
Phoebe’s been giving Stephanie a heck of a time; on the trip to Nashville, the passenger-side window got stuck down (common problem with automatic windows on the Beetle) and when they left on the trip yesterday, one of the headlights went out. Which means they’ll make a video of how to change a headlight when they get to the car show. On the plus side, I can tell Phoebe apart from the other black Beetle in the caravan when I look at the webcams.
Before she left for Roswell, I helped Stephanie put on some custom runningboards for the Beetle. They’re not real running boards, but a ribbed rubber mat cut to the size of the section under the door, made to mimic the look of the old-fashioned first edition VW Bug. They’re attached with double-sided automotive tape, and apparently the one on the passenger side, that we worked on after it got dark, was coming loose. Steph will fix it sometime before the car show. It’s a very cool look; you’re just not supposed to install them in the dark.

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