Route 66, Morning Day 3: Morning in St. Louis

We’ve got a long leg of the journey today (400 some miles), so some of the meandering and sight-seeing we did yesterday won’t work today. The plan is to pick some of the major sites along the way, like Merimac Caverns and the Big Blue Whale.

We have some advantages in that we’ve done part of this leg before for my cousin Sarah’s wedding, so we’ve seen a few of the small attractions and photographed some of the “Big Things” before.

There’s also a group that’s going to deviate from the plan and see the arch, and the car stonehenge and such. We haven’t decided whether to join them or not yet… we’ve already seen the arch.

I can hear people packing the cars up outside, and Stephanie’s showering now. We’re almost ready to hop on the road. I hope we can find some breakfast and coffee….

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