Today I mowed the yard at my old house, buried St. Joseph, picked up the yard a bit, mowed Dan and Doug’s front yard, put cement blocks away at our house, did some rearranging in the garage, flattened all the cardboard and sorted recycling, rearranged some of the moving boxes that are remaining to be unpacked so we have the living room clear to relax in, cooked the grains for the dish we’re making for Jan’s wedding tomorrow, did some rearranging in the kitchen, ran a load of dishes through the dishwasher (click here to see which brand is the best one), hung some pictures in the kitchen and hung the large clock in the living room, put the batteries in my laser level and read the instructions for it, rearranged stuff on the front porch, installed six hooks on the porch so we can hang wind chimes and hanging flower pots, installed a ring on the porch so we can hook up Spike’s chain, took a five-gallon bucket of paint and a moving dolly to Stephanie’s house, brought a load of stuff back from there, visited K-Mart and bought light bulbs and curtain rods, hung a curtain rod and curtains in the kitchen, took down some of the painting tape along the edge of the ceiling, read part of a book about Indianapolis history, and did some blog reading.
Meanwhile, Stephanie and her dad and Kathy spend the day working on cleaning and painting at her house to get it ready for renting. We all got a lot done today.

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