Weekend Update 2005-03-14

In addition to the rally we attended last week, Stephanie landed her loop during her skating lesson on Thursday, which is a major breakthrough and something she’s been working on for a long time. One of her fellow skaters filmed her doing the loop on his digital camera, so I’m hoping to see it soon. So congratulate her when you see her; she’s doing great.
Read on; this is a long update:

Stephanie and I tried to have a low-key weekend this weekend because last week was so busy. We partially succeeded. Doug’s birthday was this week, so we went to dinner at the Scholar’s Inn on Mass. Ave. on Friday, and then went to a small party at Dan and Doug’s house Saturday. So we got to see the puppies again. Oh, my, I haven’t written about the puppies, have !? A week or so ago, Dan and Doug got two baby West Highland Terriers, a boy and a girl, which they named Lourdes and Rocco. Yeah, if you don’t recognize those names, google them and see what comes up. Pictures of the adorable babies are coming soon. I swear; I’m working on them now!
Stephanie got a turkey this past Thanksgiving, and because we went to Iowa, it’s been in her freezer ever since. So we decided to cook it Saturday, while it’s still a bit cold out, so that it wouldn’t continue to take up space. We got started cooking it late, and while I was hanging out watching it and taking a nap, Stephanie went to get an oil change. On the way, her Honda died. I didn’t have my truck at her house and I couldn’t get at her Beetle in the garage, so she ended up walking home and then having the car towed. D’oh! No word yet on what the problem is.
Sunday was more subdued; I worked on my site, Stephanie practiced her loop several more times, and then we spent some time relaxing and catching up on our TV viewing. Which we needed, given last weeks events.

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