New TV

My friend Joel gave me his old 36″ TV because he upgraded.
New TV
It’s funny, I’ve never actually bought a TV myself. My very first TV was a 13″ color set given to me by a college roommate. My second TV was a really old 19″ color TV that wasn’t cable ready and didn’t have a remote. I picked it out of the trash near my apartment building on Delaware street, and it worked great. So I hooked up a cable adaptor and changed the channels with my VCR remote. I had that TV in my bedroom until a couple years ago. After that, my dad gave me a new 19″ TV for Christmas, which I used in the living room. Then my friend Brad upgraded his TV, and gave me his old 29″ set a few years ago. So I shifted everything around and the TV from the trash went to Goodwill, the 19″ went upstairs, and the 29″ went in the living room. Now everything is shifting again, and the 19″ will go to my mom.

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  1. ratboy75

    I’ve never bought a TV either! I have always had hand-me-downs. We currently have a cherry wood console TV that I’m not sure what size it is…but it has some great sound and it works great…so why get rid of it, right?
    Enjoy your new tube!

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