Yard Sale – Saturday, Sept. 22nd

Yesterday we settled on a date for a yard sale at our house. 2 weeks from now on Saturday, September 22nd. We sorted out lots of stuff to put into the sale this weekend. It’s a very small dent in the scheme of things, but it’s a dent, and I certainly feel better.
I’m not sure I’ve entirely cured the problem of “maybe there’s something I can do with this…” I sorted through lots of small throw rugs, but kept a couple that I love but just don’t have a good place for. Yet. Yeah. I probably need to go through that sorting again.
We had pulled quite a few things out to sell last week, with the intention of joining a friend’s garage sale, but we got scared off by the threat of rain on Saturday morning. That worked out okay, because we had a lot going on this weekend anyway, and loading up and taking stuff to a sale was cutting things pretty tight.

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  1. lisa

    one thing that i have been surprised to find, as i donate belongings, sell them on the company bulletin board, give them away to friends, and as i sell off most of my BPAL collection is that some of these acts are more satisfying than others.
    giving records away to friends was SO satisfying that it made it completely okay to get rid of them.
    selling shoes on the company bulletin board to someone who is obviously completely delighted by them (i had one woman literally dance around in her new shoes in my office)– and then have a ten or a twenty to stick in my wallet, too– is really satisfying too.
    so what you may find is that there’s a certain joy in taking those things you like, and finding them good new homes with people who are really pleased to have them.
    maybe that will make it easier to sell those rugs that you like, but don’t need.

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