Weekend Update 2004-02-17

Kathy helped me finish the baseboards on Saturday. They didn’t come out as neat as I would have liked, and I was upset about it, but she helped talk me down. Then we moved all of my living room furniture in. The bookcases are partially moved in, and the rest will be finished later this week. By next weekend, I’ll be done.

It looks fantastic. I’m really happy with the colors I picked for the room; it looks warm and inviting and cozy. I can’t wait to get the rest of the room put together. It’s a joy to be in, and a relief to be done after all this time. I can’t wait to have a party and show it off.
In other news, I went to a single women’s gathering on Saturday and met several nice people, including a cool girl named Julie. I also went shopping and bought some new shirts and socks, and scoped out some clothes I want to buy at the Gap.
I saw Bowling for Columbine, and of course, the L-Word. In all, a very successful weekend.

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