Weekend Update 2004-02-09

So, this weekend I learned how to use my miter saw and Kathy helped me cut the baseboards for the living room. Then we went out Saturday night to a open mike concert that was quite fun. We saw DJ and Chi and Tracy and hung out listening to some great music. I ended up buying some CDs. Then Kathy and I went downtown briefly to meet her family. Her mom and mine look a lot a like; it’s very odd.
Sunday I did some trim work around the ceiling in the living room that was not as successful as I would have liked. I’ll have to redo it later, but for now, I’m leaving it, because I was very grumpy about it. Hopefully no one will notice the flaws. I got some of the baseboards stained. More to be done tonight and throughout the week. I’m hoping to nail the baseboards in place by Saturday, and then begin the move into the room. I can’t wait. I saw The Hours, it was very interesting. And, as always, I enjoyed The L-Word.

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