Home from New York

Stephanie and I are home from New York. It was quite a trip; we had a wonderful time and her cousin Kerry’s wedding was beautiful and fun and amazing. I met most of Stephanie’s mom’s side of the family and they are such nice, fun people.
I have a lot to write about because we did a lot of stuff, but I’ll get to that when I can.
I still have to pick up Spike from the doggie hotel, which I will do in the morning. But since we didn’t get any emergency calls from them, I presume he’s doing just fine.
I did discover that my heart valve repair ring and sternum wiring don’t set off the regular walk-through security sensors at the airport, but they do set off the wands. I got selected for a random search, and they did the whole pat-down thing, so I had to explain my surgery to the airport security, who were very helpful and understanding. But that’s helpful to know for future reference.

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  1. Bil Browning

    While you two were off having fun, I sat beside my mailbox waiting on my postcard from NYC. Never came…
    But you know what DID? Entertainment Weekly. And they have a cover story on King Kong. If you don’t get the magazine, I’ll save it for you. Gotta luv the monkeys!

  2. steph Mineart

    Yep, I was thrilled to get this week’s EW… and on top of that, I also got the strategy guide for the King Kong xbox game, which is coming out shortly. I’m so excited.

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