Yikes, I haven’t been keeping up with what my friends are doing lately. I’m so sorry I haven’t called, e-mailed or otherwise communicated with you. I have no excuse, really except that I have been wicked busy lately.
Stephanie and I have been doing a lot around her house and around mine to get stuff organized. I’ve been doing lots of little things that are intended to make my house more comfy. I’m hoping to get to redoing the patio in back of the house sometime in September, which will be a major thing.
Among other things, though, I got my other website, the site, switched over to a new web host, which was a major ordeal since my main e-mail is located at that address, and it meant my e-mail was down for a few days. But now I can do all kind of cool stuff, like set up subdomains for my brothers to have their very own sites, etc. It will be pretty cool. Plus it’s a whole lot more space, and a lot cheaper. I’m very excited.

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