Rowing Updates

One of my workouts

I’ve completed Learn to Row 1 and Learn to Row 2 classes at the Indianapolis Rowing Center, although we had enough rain-outs that I’m still not very comfortable on the water. I’m going to take Learn to Row 2 again this summer so I can get more of the basics down.

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to do erg workouts a lot to get caught up with the other adult rowers, most of whom are in much better shape than I am. I’m usually spending about 40-48 minutes on a workout, doing intervals of workout / rest and trying to get my times lower. I’m competing against myself, for the most part, with a goal of improving to keep up with others.

I can feel the changes in my body pretty significantly. I have lost a bit of weight, and added quite a bit of muscle. It’s pretty awesome; I’m as strong as I was before my heart surgery, which is a really nice feeling.

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