Laser Eye Surgery: No More Glasses

no glasses

Seeing with my own eyeballs, after wearing glasses or contacts since second

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  1. mike

    I’ve wanted to get that done for ages, but never had the guts, good enough insurance or savings to pay for it myself. I guess I should start looking into it again.

  2. Steph Mineart

    My insurance didn’t cover it, but I put the money in our insurance flex spending account, so it’s pre-tax and spread out over a year’s worth of paychecks.

    It ended up being about $4,200 – just to know what you’re saving for.

    I know I ranted about not being able to see, but I’m quite happy now, once the blurriness went away.

  3. mike

    Thanks for the info. Assuming I still have a job this time next year, I’ll have to see if it’s covered under my flex account and ramp up my deduction.

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