Laser Eye Surgery: No More Glasses

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no glasses

Seeing with my own eyeballs, after wearing glasses or contacts since second

  1. mike

    I’ve wanted to get that done for ages, but never had the guts, good enough insurance or savings to pay for it myself. I guess I should start looking into it again.

  2. Steph Mineart

    My insurance didn’t cover it, but I put the money in our insurance flex spending account, so it’s pre-tax and spread out over a year’s worth of paychecks.

    It ended up being about $4,200 – just to know what you’re saving for.

    I know I ranted about not being able to see, but I’m quite happy now, once the blurriness went away.

  3. mike

    Thanks for the info. Assuming I still have a job this time next year, I’ll have to see if it’s covered under my flex account and ramp up my deduction.


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