Meredith Grey’s Heart Surgery

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I know it’s just a television show, but, really. There’s no way they could have her on heart bypass for over an hour, and then have her snuggling in bed with McDreamy not long after. That would fracking hurt – it was weeks/months before Stephanie and I could spoon in bed. I adore the show, but just a tad more realism, could we?

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  1. Wil

    Another case of “jumping the shark”. I stopped watching West Wing after the presidents daughter was kidnapped – sorry but the Secret Service wouldn’t let that happen.
    On another TV note, last nights 30Rock featured a scene in which Alec Baldwin’s character tries to blackmail an employee seeking to renew his contract by having pictures of him with Lance Bass, the implication being that the employee is gay. Blackmailing someone by threatening to out them has always been so very funny. But like you wrote – its fictional and would NEVER happen in real life.

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