So I get a phone call at lunchtime (I went in to work for a few hours this morning): “Dr. Beckman just came in and he said I can go home!” “WHAT?! Oh, my God!” I hurried to Steph’s house to pick out clothes for her to come home in and rushed over to the hospital. Then her heart started beating irregularly and they decided to keep her another night.
They determined that the irregular heartbeat was not serious and was a common thing on the third day after surgery. Basically, her heart is all swollen and upset and “angry” because the doctors went in there and messed with it, so the swelling is getting in the way of the electrical pulses that tell it when to beat. They gave her some new drugs and hooked her up to telemetry, in which she wears a little transmitter that shows her heartbeat on a screen in a room across the hospital that’s always monitored.
In other news, Steph beat me at movie trivia this afternoon, 18-17. Loud Talker Guy is coughing a lot today (loudly, of course), so I felt bad for him, but I still shut Steph’s door for a while. And if you’re ever in the hospital at Methodist and you feel like ordering a beef burrito, I hear they’re spicy.

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